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Z-type Induction hoist
Z-type Induction hoist
Z-type Induction hoist

The z-type induction hoist (also known as the z-type without crushing fighter hoist) is suitable for vertical lift of granular materials in grain, food, feed and chemical industries. Hoist through the chain drive to promote the hopper, for vertical delivery of particles and small block of materials, with a large amount of lifting, to enhance the high degree of advantages.

Hefei Golden Grain Machine andC-Type induction hoist (also known as C-type no broken fighter hoist)T-type induction hoist (also known as T-type no broken fighter hoist), a full range! Attentive service! On call!! Please visit our website for details!

Main technical parameters (Major technical parameters)

Lifting height Lifting height (m)


Highly based on customer requirements

Volume volume (L)


Lifting amount Lifting volume per hour (T)


Varies according to the material output

Size size

Can be customized according to customer requirements

Material material

Stainless steel material or carbon steel

With the material contact part with food grade non-toxic plastic

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