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Z-type skirt slope conveyor
Z-type skirt slope conveyor
Abstract: Z-type skirt slope conveyor

The Z-type skirt slope conveyor is a special Z -type mobile belt conveyor, widely used in food, tea, grains, chemical raw materials such as granular bulk materials transport and loading and delivery. Skirts are welded on both sides of the belt to prevent spillage of material, baffles welded to provide conveyor capacity and increased pitch. The tail with a special feed hopper so that the material does not fall back, the nose with a collection of the nozzle, the whole machine is equipped with baffles and small dustpan on the underside to bring out of the material, the chassis base with a casters are free Mobile, worktable with adjustable feet for leveling and height adjustment. In particular, the conveyor dip angle can reduce the occupation of space, the material is not damaged, the advantages of no back material by the majority of users.

Z-type skirt slope of the main technical parameters of the conveyor (Major technical parameters)

Linear velocity (m / s)


Power (kw)




Conveying Inclination


Angle can be customized according to customer requirements.