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Mobile Belt Conveyor no-load commissioning, what should be noted?

Tape Conveyor No-load Commissioning:

(1) Check the test tape conveyor protection (anti-running bias, anti-skid, smoke alarm, over-temperature automatic watering, heap coal, temperature) is sensitive and reliable.

(2) Check the control console display, start, stop, along the locking is normal.

(3) Check whether there is deviation of the tape, the storage of the tension device is normal, tape tightness is appropriate.

(4) Monitoring the motor, reducer, driving drum, unloading roller, guide roller, hydraulic coupler operation of the sound is normal, check whether the cooling water path is unblocked.

Then the operator of the belt conveyor in the work should strictly implement what system, belt conveyor operators should strictly implement the "start-up boiling water, stop the supply and shut off" system. Hefei Golden Valley Grain Machinery (mainMobile Belt ConveyorFixed type tea elevator skirt side slope conveyorAnd so on) all staff are first-class professional staff, before the induction has a strict pre-job training, the company regularly have staff training, so I division in the Conveyor elevator field has been a reputation.