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Want to know bucket elevator troubleshooting methods and points?

  Want to know bucket elevator troubleshooting methods and points? Let Jingu tell you:

   Today to find out about some of the characteristics of the bucket elevator and easy to appear at run-time troubleshooting What are the problems? Bucket elevator troubleshooting:

a, abnormal sound during operation

( a) Bucket elevator base plate and bucket collision, adjust the machine seat elastic device, so that the chain tension.

(b) Drive shaft, driven shaft key relaxation, sprocket displacement, bucket collision with the chassis. Adjust the sprocket position, the key tightly.

(c) The guide plate collides with the bucket and trims the guide plate.

(d) the material between the guide plate and the bucket, the magnifier seat input angle.

(e) The sprocket (drive, driven sprocket) tooth shape is not correct, sprocket tooth shape or replace the sprocket.

(f) De-sprocket of transmission sprocket and chain are bad, correct the shape of transmission sprocket.

(g) Transmission chain idling, adjust the length of the chain.

(h) Chassis installation is not correct, adjust the full vertical length of the chassis.

(i) bearing failure, can not be flexible operation, should replace the bearing.

(f) blocks or other foreign objects stuck in the chassis shell, shut down to remove foreign objects.

b, motor base vibration

(a) The motor itself is not rotating properly, remove the rotor and check the static balance.

(b) Reducer and motor installation accuracy is poor, to exceed the specification, to be readjusted

(c) motor base mounting accuracy is not enough, the level exceeds the specification requirements, readjustment.

(d) Drive sprocket installed error, to be readjusted.

(e) Defective drive sprocket tooth shape, to be corrected tooth shape.

(f) Drive sprocket tightness is not appropriate and should be readjusted.

Bucket elevator features:

1. Low driving power, using inflow feeding, inductive discharging, large-capacity hopper-intensive arrangement, almost no material returning and digging phenomenon when the material is raised, so there is less ineffective power.

(2) to enhance a wide range of such hoist on the type of material, the characteristics of less demanding, not only to enhance the general powder, small granular material, but also enhance the grinding of larger materials. Good sealing, less environmental pollution.

3. Operation reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods to ensure the reliability of the machine running, trouble-free time more than 20,000 hours. The height of the hoist is high, and the hoist is running smoothly so that a high hoisting height can be achieved.

4. Long service life, hoist feed to take inflow, without dig bucket material.  

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