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To popularize the fighter. The location of the failure of the hoist

    Fighter HoistWhere is the fault in the location, simple universal version of this more convenient for everyone to understand, in fact, bucket elevator is also life-long, there will be some problems. Bucket elevator general problems occur in the head and bottom wheels. If the improper installation of the words easily lead to the deviation of the material, bucket elevator generally is the head wheel and the bottom wheel of the device will have some problems. The main causes of the four drive shafts in a vertical plane but the unbalanced lead wheel and the bottom wheel are installed in a horizontal position and not in the same vertical plane; the two drive shafts are parallel and not horizontal in the same vertical plane.

     Bucket Elevator type Category: Bucket elevator as a commonly used lifting equipment, in a wide range of applications at the same time, according to different industry requirements also have a very clear classification, according to the transmission structure can be divided into: TD series Bucket hoist TD series Bucket Elevator TD Series Bucket Elevator TB series Bucket Elevator One of the TB fighter hoist is an older type of bucket elevator, the transmission part of the use of plate chain drive, has been corresponding to the NE series of bucket elevator products to replace the Hefei Golden Grain machine variety complete

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