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Hefei Golden Cereal Machine take you to know the work of the scraper conveyor staff

Hefei Golden Grain Machine Belt you know scraper conveyor staff work:

One:Scraper ConveyorWhat work must be done before the driver shifts?

(1) The scraper conveyor is open, closed, the nose spray and cooling water.

(2) Clean up the area of responsibility.

(3) Fill in the scraper conveyor operation log.

(4) Put the special tools in the designated position.

Two:Scraper Conveyor What do you do when the driver takes over?

(1) must wear a complete range of labor protection supplies, holding effective post qualification certificate.

(2) Carefully check the operation log, to the handover person detailed inquiries, understanding of the work of the scraper conveyor operation.

(3) Detailed inspection of the scraper conveyor spare parts, special equipment in good condition and storage.

Three:What do you do before a scraper conveyor driver works?

(1) Check whether the operating environment is safe.

(2) Check the transmission of the scraper conveyor, the head, the tail and the middle part of the connecting parts are fully fastened, check the reducer, sprocket oil quantity and whether there is oil leakage, oil spill phenomenon.

3 Check the spray atomization effect of the scraper conveyor head.

(4) Check whether the scraper conveyor and the transfer machine meet the requirements.

(5) Check the scraper conveyor scraper, scraper chain and the wear and tear of the link ring, whether there is scraper and beam (e-type bolts) defects.