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Golden Valley Grain Machinery tell you: the reason and solution of blocking material of bucket elevator frame?

   Fighter HoistThere are many reasons for blocking material, the blocking material of the machine is also the reason to affect the conveying capacity of bucket elevator. If there is too much material in the base and too much material resistance,Will cause the tape to slip or stop moving. There are five reasons why this happens.:First, is the feeding uneven,And so much less. When the feed is too long,The feed quantity is larger than the lifting quantity,So that the material surplus and accumulation,Gradually increase the material of the base and the running resistance of bucket,To a certain extent,The tape is slipping.,It can also cause downtime or motor burns. The solution is to strictly control the amount of feed,To operate with no load to drive,Gradually open the feed gate. By the front of the frame(Glass window Hole)Observe the material rising condition. When the material surface reaches the horizontal axis of the wheel(The material bucket out of the corner is40°),The feed gate can no longer be enlarged. Second, the amount of reflux is too large,So that the material of the hoist can not flow into the discharging pipe and return to the machine,In this way, the increase of materials caused by blockage. The solution is to reduce reflux in the way described above. Third, it is due to power outages or other failures suddenly shutdown,Elevation Branch and back row branch quality,Turn the hoist upside down,The material inside the bucket is poured into the chassis,The machine is prone to blockage when the machine is re-opened. The solution to this problem is to install a stop counter on one side of the hoist spindle,Prevent the hoist from reversing. Four, is the tape skid,Reduced the amount of fighter hoist,To increase the number of materials in the machine to form a blockage. The solution is to increase the tensioning force,Prevent the tape from slipping. Five, is a large foreign body into the machine to cause blockage,Therefore, installing the mesh fence at the feeder inlet of the hoist,To prevent accidents.

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