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What is the scraper conveyor and its origin?

    Scraper conveyor is in a certain line of continuous conveying material material handling machinery, also known as continuous conveyor. Conveyor can be horizontal, tilt and vertical transport, can also form a space transmission line, the transmission line is generally fixed. Conveyor conveying capacity of large, long distance, but also in the course of the transmission process at the same time to complete a number of process operations, so the application is very extensive.

    China's ancient high roller coaster and the roll-over of water, is the modern bucket elevator and scraper conveyor prototype;17Century, began to use aerial ropeway conveying scattered materials;19In the middle of the century, the conveyor of various modern structures appeared successively.

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1868Belt Conveyor appeared in England;1887Spiral Conveyor appeared in the United States;1905Steel Belt Conveyor appeared in Switzerland;1906Inertial conveyors appeared in Britain and Germany. Since then, conveyor by mechanical manufacturing, electrical, chemical and metallurgical industry technical progress of the impact of continuous improvement, gradually by the completion of the internal delivery of the workshop, development to complete in the enterprise, and even between the city of material handling, material handling system is an indispensable part of mechanization and automation.