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Development prospect of China grain machinery Mobile Conveyor---the analysis of grain machinery and equipment in Hefei Golden Valley

China's grain machinery and equipment development after 40 years, especially decades of development has a good foundation, many enterprises and products in the international and domestic markets have a good reputation, become well-known brands. With the acceleration of economic globalization and the strengthening of market competition, grain processing machinery industry is facing new opportunities and new challenges in the international and domestic markets.

International market: The best quality of grain processing machinery in China

Individual region size has food processing enterprises 26 tons of food processing capacity of 550000, annual processing capacity of 1 million tons two leading enterprises 1,2,3-50000 tons, 200,000 tons, 22 years old, City Square is the largest food industry enterprises. Food industry Enterprise Technology innovation, brand effect, market promotion, grain processing scale.

China's grain and oil machinery processing manufacturing industry has experienced a rapid development period, the growth mode has begun to rely on the expansion of the main rely on qualitative upgrading, is in the industrial upgrading of the important stage. In particular, the Hefei market in Anhui Province in the grain machinery and equipment has been in the front, especially in,Mobile-type transmissionDelivery machineLow Speed hoistAnd so on.


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