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Hefei Golden Valley Belt You understand the components of Anhui conveyor and boot shutdown sequence

Q: Is the conveyor generally composed of several main components?

A: Conveyor generally consists of: conveyor belt, rack, roller, drive device, tensioning device, cleaning device, braking device, protection device. It can be used in horizontal and inclined roadway.

Q: What is the shutdown order of the conveyor?


A: Shutdown sequence: Shearer → scraper conveyor → reprint machine → crusher → belt conveyor

Q: What is the boot order of the conveyor?


Answer: Boot order: Belt conveyor → crusher → reprint machine → scraper Conveyor → Shearer


Q: What is the situation when the tape is transported in time and must be shut down?

Answer: Belt conveyor When the machine found serious running bias, skidding, grinding belt, roll belt, tear belt to timely stop processing

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