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The origin of scraper conveyor

      Scraper Conveyoris the realization of coal mining face loading, unloading mechanized equipment, can clean up the working surface of the floating coal, or shearer operation track. Scraper conveyor through the motor drive reducer will power transmission to the sprocket shaft group, and then driven by the scraper chain to carry out the cycle and the completion of the operation, unloading coal.

What is the installation of the scraper conveyor and how is the device required? ItThe device that can emit a stop and start signal must be installed, and the spacing between the signal points shall not exceed the M.

In addition Hefei Gold Valley in pairs operationScraper ConveyorStaff requirements are also very high, in the handover work must be done:

(1) Cooperate with the successor to do the inspection work and deal with the questions raised by the successor in time


(2) When the handover, truthfully reflect the scraper conveyor operation status and precautions.

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