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Warmly celebrate Hefei Jingu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. Anhui hoist marketing network officially launched!

Warmly celebrate Anhui Conveyor Hoist Hefei Conveyor Hoist leader --- Hefei Jingu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. marketing network officially launched! Looking for conveyor hoist manufacturers in Anhui Hefei Golden Valley, Fuji choice!

Web site opening occasion Xiaobian focus today to introduce the characteristics of the fighters elevator:

Today's mainstream bucket elevator models have the following characteristics:

  1. Drive power is small, high-capacity hopper intensive arrangement, almost no material back in the material lifting and digging phenomenon , so less reactive power.

  2. Long service life , hoist feed to take inflow , without dig bucket digging material between the extrusion and collision rarely happen. The design of the machine to ensure that the material feeding, unloading spreader rarely shed , reducing mechanical wear and tear

3. To enhance a wide range, not only can enhance the general powder, small granular material , but also enhance the abrasive cut larger material . Good sealing , less environmental pollution.

4. Operating reliability , the reliability of the machine running , trouble-free time more than 20,000 hours. The height of the hoist is high, and the hoist is running smoothly so that a high hoisting height can be achieved.

Want to know more knowledge of hoist, please feel free to pay attention to our official website, Hefei Jingu commitment to food machinery, 7 * 24-hour service in place Product quality and quantity of accessories are original produced, long-term to the listed companies Qiaqia Food Meiya Optoelectronics; Thai Wo is far packing Anyang and other large enterprises cooperation. We look forward to meeting you in the air, offline communication, met you, you fate! Golden Valley from hand in hand!