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Hefei Jingu take you know C-type induction hoist

Induction elevator in accordance with the feed, the discharge port is divided into different positions Z-induced hoist (also known as Z-type crusher lift without lift) C-type induced hoist, T-induced hoist (also known as T Type no broken fighter lift) ; According to the different number of discharge port is divided into: single-point discharge bucket elevator and multi-point discharge bucket elevator, suitable for: peanut seeds melon seeds raisins and other easily damaged material can also be used In the pharmaceutical and chemical products to enhance and transport. Their function is characterized by a special chain, durable, vibration feeding, uniform and smooth potential control feed size, material level monitoring, self-stop, set the level of transport and vertical upgrade and integration, high requirements of the plant is not high.

The company's C-type induction hoist T-induced hoist Z-induced hoist mobile hoist Low-speed hoist Fixed tea hoist and other major grain processing bases in the country occupy a considerable degree of market share, the company's products Has been opened to the international market, exported to the United States, Canada, Africa, Asia Pacific and East Asia and other countries and regions, the product has been well received! He Weijin warm welcome friends at home and abroad come to study tour guide!