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Do you know the origin of the name of the C-type induced hoist?

The C-type induction bucket elevator of Hefei Golden Valley grain Machinery equipment Because of the appearance resembles the English letter C and the name, the inlet and outlet is located on the same side of the equipment, and is widely used in places where the position is limited or has special material requirements; compared with z-type induction bucket hoist T-type induction hoist, the lifting amount is relatively large, can also be in any position to meet the requirements of the discharge of multiple points, hoisting chain using a high-strength chain, in the size of the hopper continues our food-grade plastic hopper characteristics, hopper volume has 3L and 8L optional, and combined with anti-corrosion, high temperature and other requirements, research and development designed a dedicated stainless steel and other metal hopper, so that our elevator in the chemical , plastics, food, pet food, puffed food, snack food, renewable resources, hardware and other industries have been widely used.

Hefei Golden Valley Grain Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.Hoist Conveyor Induction type hoist low speed hoist  Stationary Type Tea ElevatorField won the love of friends at home and abroad, enjoy a high reputation! For more information, please visit our website, Welcome to Hefei Golden Valley!


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