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Hefei Golden Grain Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Hefei Golden Grain Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Hefei is the predecessor of the grain machinery and equipment Limited liability company, the company was established in 1998, has been developed into a production, sales, installation and after-sales service as one of the professional food machinery processing enterprises.

Over the years, the company is committed to the production and sales of professional food lifting equipment, on the basis of the continuous expansion of product development, production and sales areas, the production of lifting conveyor equipment can improve the delivery of food, tea, chemical particles and other materials, and in the production research and development in continuous exploration and improvement. The company has metalworking, sheet metal, paint, electrical appliances, assembly and other workshops, processing means complete, for the "Golden Valley" series of excellent quality products provide a reliable guarantee.

Over the years, the company's C-type induction hoist T-type induction hoist Z-type induction elevator skirt slope conveyor Fighter hoist mobile hoist low-speed hoist fixed type tea hoist, etc. have been in the domestic major food processing base to occupy a considerable degree of market share, company's products have opened the international market, exported to the United States, Canada, Africa, Asia-Pacific and East Asia and other countries and regions, products have been well received. The company and the national major color selection industry, packaging enterprises, seed companies specialized supporting the lifting of conveying equipment. is the production of no broken ultra-low speed hoist in the food industry to do upgrading auxiliary equipment, skirt side slope conveyor supporting in the tea industry to do upgrading auxiliary equipment, has a high market response rate.

At the same time, I also undertake Nissan 50-300 tons of rice finishing Systems engineering, my company has a professional design team, high-quality product sourcing, professional installation team and perfect after-sales service, to provide you with satisfactory service.

The company is located in the city of science and technology in Anhui Province Hefei Economic and technological development zone, in the scenic Zipeng foot, beautiful scenery, with the world's top 500, convenient transportation and well-developed logistics.

My company in good faith service purposes, the principle of mutual benefit, warmly welcome new and old customers come to visit, guidance, negotiate work.