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Negotiate with each other
Negotiate model prices and related detailed requirements by telephone or field trips.
Sign a contract
Both parties sign the purchase and sale contract and sign the contract in advance contract and sign the contract in the field.


Delivery Products
My company according to the contract requirements, arrange for the company's production product delivery acceptance payment product balance, complete the relevant procedures.
Delivery mode
Customers can be referred to the product, can be negotiated by our company to arrange delivery and agreement related costs. More detailed calls

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Hefei Golden Grain Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hefei Golden Valley Grain Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hefei Zheng Yi Grain Machinery and Equipment Co. Ltd. Company was incorporated in 1998, has now developed into a production, sales, installation and after-sales service as one of the professional food processing enterprises, main C-type induction hoist, T-type induction hoist, z-type induction hoist , Hefei Conveyor, Anhui Conveyor, Hefei induction type hoist, Anhui induction hoist, Hefei hoist, Anhui hoist, electromagnetic feeder, fixed-type tea hoist, low-speed hoist, scraper conveyor, mobile belt conveyor, skirt slope conveyor, mobile conveyor, bucket elevator, mobile hoist, etc., Over the years, the company is committed to the production and sales of professional food lifting equipment, on the basis of the continuous expansion of product development, production and sales areas, the production of lifting conveyor equipment can improve the delivery of food, tea, chemical particles and other materials, and in the production research and development in continuous exploration and improvement. The company has metalworking, sheet metal, paint, electrical appliances, assembly and other workshops, processing means complete, for the "Golden Valley" series of excellent quality products provide a reliable guarantee.
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